Linna Medium Wall mirror - / H 70 cm by ENOstudio Pink

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ENOstudio Wall mirror Pink Glass. Dimensions: L 44 x H 70 cm – Thickness: 2.5 cm. A true trompe l'oeil, the Linna mirror plays with our perception of volumes … This glass mirror is dressed with two strips of powder colours printed under the glass (one on the side, the other at the bottom of the mirror). These powerful coloured lines create an amazing effect of perspective and an illusion of depth. This 3D effect transforms the Linna mirror into a dream-like window opening onto another dimension. The Linna mirror is an attractive object you’ll want to touch and have as your own, as much for its poetry as for its functionality. Italian designer Emanuele Pizzolorusso explains: These mirrors are inspired by the architecture and ancient windows of castles.

Manufacturer ENOstudio
Color Pink
Size L 44 x H 70 cm - Thickness: 2.5 cm

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