Prego Wall mirror by ENOstudio Gold/Metal

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ENOstudio Wall mirror Gold/Metal Metal. Dimensions: 66 × 62.7 cm x Depth 3 cm. „The mirror with multiple positions … A very strong visual impact for this mirror designed by Sam Baron which seems to defy the law of gravity! Mirror and frame are intertwined in this construction made up of several entangled geometric shapes. The multiple metal lines form a graphic, uncluttered picture with a fragmented geometry. The Prego mirror can be hung in various ways, leaving the user's imagination to run free. French designer Sam Baron says about the Prego mirror: "I designed the PREGO mirror with reference to how you hang a frame on a wall.“

Manufacturer ENOstudio
Color Gold/Metal
Size 66 x 62.7 cm x Depth 3 cm

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